Enterprise-quality Redaction For Everyone

Launching in Fall 2021, Blackout helps you through every step of your redaction workflow — it's as easy as upload, redact, deliver!

Blackout Is

Expert-Made for Anyone's Use

Blackout takes care of the complicated part of redaction for you whether converting an email to PDF or digging through a tricky Excel file.

Blackout helps you find sensitive information, redact it, and deliver redacted documents quickly.

Any Sensitive Information. Any Industry. Any Task.

Tasks requiring redaction of sensitive information are increasing exponentially across all industries and areas of a work specialty. That’s why Blackout’s designed to tackle anything.

Litigation Review
Find and redact sensitive or privileged information for all standard litigation.
Compliance Tasks
For use during mergers and acquisitions or to respond to emerging and existing legislation (e.g. DSARs, FOIA, GDPR, or CCPA).
Human Resource Matters
For application in blind/equitable hiring, internal investigations, labor disputes, employment verification, and beyond.
Anonymizing or Pseudo-Anonymizing Docs
To secure collaboration on legal briefs, department or business reports, trade secrets and formulas, client privileged information, and more.

Intuitively-Designed Based on Real Projects

With 6+ years of building redaction software, we're uniquely positioned to understand your redaction needs.

Organized Projects

Create and manage projects that align with your real world cases and workflows.

Lightning Fast Redaction

Blackout helps you get redacting faster with intuitive, easy to use tools. Whether drawing boxes on a PDF or redacting an entire row in Excel, we have you covered.

Find and Redact

Provide a word and we'll find and redact it.


Deliver redacted files electronically or simply download a zip and send.

Track Progress

Get a birds eye view of the progress of your projects.

PDF Conversion

Effortlessly convert Word documents, emails, and more to PDF.

Manage Team Members

Invite your team to collaborate on your redaction projects.

Safe and Secure

Your personal data is safe behind world class security controls.

People working on laptops

Trusted to Place 1.32+ Billion Redactions

Blackout is the most comprehensive, enterprise automated redaction tool on the market, and for years, it's helped the world's top firms, providers, and government organizations save time and money.

Now, we're bringing the world's most powerful and versatile enterprise redaction software, Blackout, to a broader audience.

Since launching in 2015, we've helped redact:

5.34 M+ Documents

114 M+ Pages

1.32 B+ Redactions

Enterprise Value, Scaled for Any Team

Milyli offers Blackout in simple plans designed to help control costs and expense growth.

Annual billing

Free Forever

Get a taste without the commitment.

$0 /mo

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What's included

  • 5 Documents
  • 1 Project
  • Unlimited Redactions


All the tools for converting docs and redacting

$50 /mo

Free During Beta

What's included

  • 250 Documents
  • Unlimited Redactions
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Users


All the same great tools now with Excel

$250 /mo

Free During Beta

What's included

  • 250 Documents
  • Robust Excel Redaction Tools
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Users

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