Secure Redactions to Protect Your Data

Blackout helps ensure sensitive information is kept safe — it's as easy as upload, redact, deliver!

See how Blackout reduces redaction effort without compromising data.

Keeping Your Data Secure is Critical

(and Your Client's Data and Your Employee's Data and Your Fill-in-the-blank's Data)

Stay Current with Regulations

GDPR, CCPA, DSAR, anonymization — getting redaction right is essential in the quickly-evolving world of InfoSec regulations. Blackout gives users the ability to quickly redact PII and PHI, protecting you and your client's data from unintentional exposure.

Knockout Litigation Prep

Protecting privileged information is an integral step during litigation, and once identified for safekeeping, users simply upload documents into Blackout and jump right into redacting. Blackout supports Office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), emails (EML), PDFs, and TXT files.

Protect Your Users and Clients

Less advanced redaction tools will fail even the most expert teams. However, from comments on PDFs and to hidden headers and footers in Excel, Blackout finds and thoroughly redacts sensitive data – even the information like metadata hidden away in the "dark corners" of project files.

The Blackout Advantage

Easy to Use, No Maintenance, and a Proven Record of Success

Unmatched Excel Redactions

Blackout provides users with unmatched capabilities when redacting spreadsheets. No longer reliant on printing sheets to PDF and drawing boxes, the Excel-like interface grants users finer control over the way they can redact, as well as a greater range of content they can protect, resulting in:

  • Flattened formulas and pivot tables
  • Access to charts, images, and imported objects
  • Disconnected remote data sources
  • Column and row-based redactions
  • And much more!

PDF conversion included

Blackout takes your native files and generates a PDF automatically so you can focus on redacting.

A modern redacting experience

Blackout’s intuitive user interface allows users to go from upload to redact to deliver confidently in no time flat.

Ready to go when you are

Hosted securely online, Blackout includes no software or hardware to set up or maintain.

Take advantage of Blackout’s years of industry expertise

(just like these other great organizations)


Trusted to Place 1.41+ Billion Redactions

114 M+
5.34 M+

Enterprise Value, Plans for Teams of Any Size

Blackout is available in plans designed to help control costs and expense growth.

Annual billing

Free Forever

Try without the commitment.

$0 /mo

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What's included

  • 5 Documents
  • 1 Project
  • Unlimited Redactions


Create and organize redaction projects.

$50 /mo

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What's included

  • 250 Documents
  • Unlimited Redactions
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Users
  • Convert email to PDF
  • Convert office documents to PDF

Plus Excel

All the same great tools with Excel support

$250 /mo

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What's included

  • 250 Documents
  • Redact native Excels
  • Produce and deliver native Excels
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Users
  • Convert email to PDF
  • Convert office documents to PDF

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  • Producing and delivering project documents
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